Ladies Fancy Dress UK Halloween Costumes Collection

February 8th, 2012

Great witch fancy dress outfits in the Halloween costumes collectionWe all want to wear the best Halloween costumes for ourselves and our family come October but does it always have to be so expense to dress up? The answer is no. Infact buying cheap Halloween costumes has really never been easier due to the increased demand for budget outfits. Supermarkets stock them, party shops are filled with them and the fancy dress section of eBay is overflowing with them, so excuses for not picking up a costume is quite inexcusable.

The new online shop has already started adding a cool selection of Halloween costumes that are sure to get your cauldron bubbling. The site is run by a fantastic team and they will surely have something for everyone. Check out their Halloween costumes here.

The Best Ladies Halloween Costumes

There is a big difference between a budget costume and a rubbish cheap one. A budget costume doesn’t mean it will only be good for one use or that it will turn all your clothes a funny colour when you put it in the wash at the end of the night. Budget Halloween costumes are usually standard, traditional outfits that are supplied in large numbers, so if you want something unique buying a cheap outfit and expecting to stand out from a crowd isn’t going to be for you. On the other hand grabbing a selection of accessories and customising a cheap dress will make your look unique, which is a great option to consider.

Cool Halloween Costumes

Many have strayed away from the more traditional witch, devil and mummy Halloween costumes that used to be a common pick in October in previous decades. Instead they were replaced by modern culture references, pop star music video garments or cosplay clothing, which has surged in popularity recently. Thankfully many of us common folk have realised just how awesome it is to dress up like a zombie and enjoy Halloween for what it should be.

Zombie Halloween costumes have really come back with a bang thanks to organised zombie runs, television shows and movies starring the undead, the fun involved in making a custom costume and the look at the end of it. We can’t count how many Facebook profile pictures were of people showing of their wierd and wacky zombie Halloween costumes crafted from cheerleader uniforms to off duty undead security guards.

So, lets make this Halloween 2012 one to remember. Pick up a few cheap Halloween costumes and spend your money on a night at a haunted house or at a local club in the company of friends.

How to find a Halloween Fancy Dress Dropship Supplier

November 19th, 2011

Selling costumes is a potentially very lucrative business, especially when you have a reliable fancy dress dropship supplier in your corner. The October holiday of Halloween is a huge boom period for the party sector with costumes, decorations and sweet treats selling in huge numbers. With such a big market there is always an opportunity to enter into it and earn a substantial income for yourself in the process.

The trick to taking advantage of a seasonal period like Halloween or Christmas is to use a fancy dress dropship service as you won’t be left with any excess stock once the holiday is over. This is also true of affiliate schemes where you promote products that sell in high numbers at select times when they are most in demand. Amazon have the assossiates programme, which is very popular with marketers looking to make money via review websites.

So, if you want to start your own Halloween fancy dress company or retail website you will need to find a fancy dress dropship service to work with.

Finding a Fancy Dress Dropship Company

There are a few places to find a company that offers fancy dress dropship services. You use a search engine like Google or Bing, check in a trade magazine, visit your local wholesaler to see if they offer the service or know of anyone that does or contact online wholesalers via business to business hubs.

Alternatively, we could just tell you! Check out the details for the FDQ Fancy Dress Dropship Service Here. The people that run it are really friendly, helpful, they are reliable and more importantly the prices are low, so your potential for high profits is good.

Here’s a video of just a few of the costumes that the company offers:

Fancy Dress Dropship or Wholesale, which is best?

An important question to ask yourself before working with a fancydress dropship company is weather that’s the right choice or not. You could also consider buying a bulk lot and selling the products yourself on eBay, Amazon or via your own retail website.

If you don’t have much money or don’t want to risk tying up your funds in Halloween costumes stock then dropshipping with a fancy dress dropship firm is easily the best option.

Halloween Horror Nights 21

October 10th, 2011

Lady Luck Halloween Horror Nights 21Universal are responsible for 25 nights of frights this year in September and October with Halloween horror nights 21. Packed full of brilliant rides and experiences the celebration of all things horror can be found at Universal studios in Florida on the lead up to the night of Halloween. Halloween horror nights 21 offers 8 spooky haunted houses to make your way through and survive (a little over the top granted). Lets face it, we all love being scared a little bit and these purpose built houses will do the trick! The live action interaction between guests and actors is something that you have to experience to appreciate just how terrifying it can be.

Universal also put on a number of live shows and have 6 “scare zones”, which I have listed below:

1. Acid Assault

2. Canyon of Dark Souls

3. Grown Evil

4. 7

5. Nightmaze

6. Your Luck Has Run Out

Halloween Horror Nights 21 Haunted Houses

Nothing says Halloween horror nights 21 like a scary haunted house. Here’s a list of the haunted houses available at Halloween horror nights 21:

1. Nightingales: Blood Prey

2. The In-Between

3. The Forsaken

4. Nevermore: The Madness of Poe

5. H.R. Bloodnguts Presents: Holidays and Horror

6. Saws N’ Steam: Into the Machine

7. The Thing

8. Winter’s Night: The Haunting of Hawthorn Cemetary

The year the new big haunted house is “The Thing”, which is focused on the new 2011 movie version based on the original John Carpenter horror classic. The thing can take on the form of any living being, so have your whits about you and keep on your toes.

Visit the official website for Halloween Horror Nights 21 here.

Is Halloween Horror Nights 21 Good for Kids?

For anyone that is considering taking their kids to the event check out this Halloween horror nights 21 review here. The recommendation is that no kids under the age of 13 go, but they are allowed. Former staff have come out and stated that they never used to make a B-line for kids and scare them. Instead they would make them more comfortable and hold off on scaring them too much. If your kids scare easily I would keep them at home instead of putting them through a scary fest that could put them off Halloween for life!

Budget Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes

October 4th, 2011

Budget Halloween Fancy Dress Zombie CostumesWe don’t all have a lot of money to spend every year on a new outfit, which is why budget Halloween fancy dress costumes are becoming more common sights in supermarkets and on costume retail websites. Some even have sections dedicated to low cost solutions that won’t break your bank balance.

I read an article today (read it here) that stated that people in America are expected to spend 9% more this year on all things relating to Halloween including Halloween fancy dress. These stats came from a consumer survey from the National Retail Federation. However, this isn’t what we’re getting from customers so far who are very concerned with the amount of money they will be spending. Halloween in the US is a much longer holiday period than in the UK, so it makes sense that the nation as a whole spends more per person than in other countries. I’ll openly admit that I’m really quite jealous as the run up to the 31st can be a real drag but when the day finally comes it seems to always be worth the wait.

Budget Halloween Fancy Dress Options

Finding really cheap Halloween fancy dress is no problem at all. Many of the online retailers that sell Halloween costumes along with major supermarkets stock budget outfits. With the current financial climate in the state that it is offering cheaper options will allow everyone to buy an outfit and get involved with this fantastic holiday period. It’s a time for people to forget about their personal or professional lives and enjoy an evening of scares and entertainment. Many neighbourhoods participate in local festivities in the form of trick or treating and screening horror movies on a projector. Asking your village hall to open for the night so that communities can come together and spook in safety is a great idea. Everyone turning up in their own Halloween fancy dress creation will be a topic of conversation in itself.

Doing a quick search online will present hundreds of stores with thousands of Halloween fancy dress options. Filtering the results to display Halloween fancy dress options that cost less than £15 / $23 or some that are even less than £10 / $15.50. You might think that they will be poor quality cast offs that nobody wants but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Simple designs with few accessories can be a great starting point for anyone with a creative head on their shoulders. Be it a cool zombie costume that can be formed from a nurse or cheerleader uniform or a bloody prom queen costume made from an old ball gown you can create Halloween fancy dress on a shoe string budget.

Budget Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes to Avoid

Simple, avoid nothing! If you have a bottle of fake blood and a pair of scissors you can turn a terrible purchase into a competition winning Halloween fancy dress costume. Halloween fancy dress doesn’t have to be perfect to be brilliant, quite the opposite infact. The more messy and vile looking the better it is. Enjoy yourself, have a good night and save your money for a night to remember.

Buy cheap Halloween fancy dress costumes here!

Halloween 2011 Only 28 Days Away

October 3rd, 2011

Halloween 2011 Horror Nights CastHalloween 2011 creeps ever closer and with that in mind I thought this post should look at what’s in the news regarding the big holiday at the end of this month. I found a few decent news stories today having trawled through the news email Google just fired over to me. News regarding Halloween 2011 includes the Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 21 event, decorating your home, a film article with a few recommendations of movies to watch through October leading up to the 31st and movie based Halloween costumes.

I must also ask our readers to let us know if you’ve read any news stories that we miss and you think we should cover here on the blog for Halloween 2011. Please leave all suggestions in the comments box below and we’ll get onto it in our next post.

Halloween 2011 Horror Nights 21

Ive decided that I’ll write a separate post dedicated to Halloween Horror Nights 21 as for our lucky American readers accessibility to the fantastic Universal studios event is much easier than us poor souls in the UK. Having not attended the events myself I can only go by what I’ve been told by friends and reviews that i’ve read. Ive turned green with envy a number of times hearing all about what’s on offer and the amazing time that everyone seems to have throughout the duration of their trip. Sucks to be us having to dedicate our time to the retail store throughout October but we don’t mind so much. “Maybe next year” is the inevitable words I hear from my partner every time we consider the trip.

Check out our Halloween Horror Nights 21 post for a more in depth insight into the event.

Halloween 2011 Horror Nights 21

OK, on to other news. Decorating your house for Halloween 2011 might well gain you some serious credibility in your local neighbourhood in a similar vein to those who make the effort for Christmas. In my local village one family always went all out to transform their home into a haunted house in the front garden and it was a huge hit with families.

Halloween 2011 PumpkinsSo how can you decide what to pick for your own Halloween 2011 display? The obvious choices are usually the best ones. Tombstones , skeletons, spider webs, carved pumpkins, cauldrons…the list goes on. Our neighbours had a big marque up that they covered in dark material and faux cobwebs then inside they created a witches coven. A massive cauldron was in the middle of the tent and it was filled with sweets (not quite, only the top layer was and the rest was just cushion filling). They had a CD player blasting out moody music that I now recognise from our favourite horror movies. It was awesome and I remember it distinctly to this day after nearly 20 years.

Making your home a decorative treat can be quite easy if you have a bit of creativity in you. The pumpkins in the picture to the right are just one example of this. Apologies to the original creator, I would happily give credit where it’s due but I can’t remember where I got the shot from. Sorry!

So, turn your home into the best Halloween 2011 hot spot this October and enjoy a cascade of praise from the neighbours. Enjoy Halloween 2011!

Halloween 2011 Costumes

I read a Halloween 2011 article this morning that ran through the obvious Halloween fancy dress options hand picked straight from horror movies. Halloween 2011 should be a holiday where we embrace the traditional options with witches and wizards while zombies are also major contenders. They picked Freddie Krueger, Chucky and Sweeney Todd to name just a few. Not very original and quite similar to every other recommendation ive read the last few weeks so I stopped reading.

Not bought your Halloween 2011 fancy dress costume yet? Buy your Halloween costume by clicking here.

Halloween 2011 Movies

A quick mention of the films recommended for Halloween 2011 by an article I read must be made. It said that the Mothman Prophecies was the recommended flick to put on, odd choice but a worthy contender. I immediately looked into what Halloween 2011 movies are coming out and our US readers are lucky to have the rehashed “The Thing” movie, though us Brits will have to wait till December.

Thats it for today, more tomorrow :twisted:

Lara Croft Costume

October 2nd, 2011

lara croft costumeI relive my gaming glory days every Halloween when invarably a lady with toned thighs and a stuffed bra emerges wearing a Lara Croft costume. I can’t say too many negative things about the Tomb Raider stars outfit as everytime i’ve seen it the final look is spectacular. Paired with dual pistols, the shades and the boots we are huge fans here at the blog.

With a good list of games in the Tomb Raider series a number of other Lara Croft costume ideas can be contemplated. The popular one might be seen on a few people but the more obscure outfits would be appreciated by cosplayers or video game fans.

Does the Lara Croft Costume Make a Good Halloween Outfit?

Absolutely! Long gone are the days when people only wear typical Halloween fancy dress costumes. Instead people wear whatever they want costume wise and we love it. Why should you be stuck with a limited selection of outfits that are no longer particularly original. Wear whatever you want, just make it appropriate for the crowd you will be part of. Keep your bum under a skirt if it will be full of kids but if your confident and in an adult crowd be my guest.

The Lara Croft costume is perfect for any ladies with an ample bussom. I know how you feel girls as I too am quite gifted! Rock that tight tank top and show off your toned physique if you have it to flaunt.


Buy a Lara Croft Costume here!

Lara Croft Costume for Halloween

Is the Lara Croft costume a good pick for Halloween? We really do think so. You could even make a zombie Lara, which would be ace! Base your outfit on the darker one worn by Angelina Jolie in the movies and throw on some fake blood. With zombie costumes all the rage at the moment it might be a nice twist on the norm to go for a Lara Croft costume thats different.

30 Days till Halloween 2011

October 2nd, 2011

Halloween 2011 Catwoman CostumeHalloween 2011

With Halloween 2011 less than one month away I thought it would be a good time to let everyone in on the big sellers so far and what you should try to pick up before they sell out. Granted Halloween 2011 in still a little while away in some peoples minds but for someone in the industry it’s been a long time coming and I plan to enjoy every minute of the run up to October 31st.

Our local supermarket has stocked up on treat bags and boxes of pumpkins so the countdown has truly started to the Halloween 2011 holiday. With it being a Monday I expect a fair few people will be out in our area as we live in a city highly populated with students. The amount of trick or treating going on in my neighbourhood has dropped a fair amount with people preferring to go into our local town centre and party. Who ever said Halloween 2011 was a kids holiday?

Halloween 2011 Costume Trends

For the people that have read my previous posts and articles you will have an idea of what will be hot for Halloween 2011 costume wise. For more extensive information about the following subject check out our other posts as we cover them all (near enough).

With so many cool Halloween costumes to choose from people always ask us what the biggest and best costume to have is come the 31st of October. A lot of it comes down to your personality and your hobbies. We here at the Halloween fancy dress blog love comic books and superheroes.

After a successful run of monster movie releases based Marvel and DC characters it comes are no surprise that the stars from these films will be big sellers throughout October for men and women. Guys obviously have the usual suspects in Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, Spiderman and Superman with more due to follow in 2012. Ladies, don’t think your being left out here as it’s just not true. Recently exposed Scarlett Johansson (pardon the pun) takes on the role as Black Widow again after her first successful appearance in Iron Man 2 alongside Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury. This time it will be in the star stunned cast for the Avengers. Getting yourself a latex catsuit (pictured and in the video below) made for Halloween 2011 can suit both Black Widow and Catwoman, who will appear in 2012 stand out cinema release the Dark Knight Rises.

Shots from the set of the catwoman costume have been leaked and from what we can see all you’ll need for accessories is an eye mask, headband ears and a utility belt. Don’t forget your black thigh high boots to finish that new catwoman look. Could this be your Halloween 2011 costume choice? I don’t think we blame you, very sexy!

The Anna Rexia costume (similar to the skeleton dress pictured) has caused quite a stir in the media with plenty of negative articles. We all know that this means more people will search for it and buy one just to cause a bit of controversy. Our advise is to throw away the heart name badge and tape measure belt leaving you with a very cute Halloween 2011 skeleton costume.

What Halloween 2011 party would be complete without a zombie horde? Zombies will be THE Halloween 2011 costume of choice we think and probably will be for years to come from the traditional pack. Vampires and witches or wizards from the Harry Potter and Twilight novels again will be the choice of teenagers and children alike.

You can pick up your Halloween fancy dress costume at the Otley Run Fancy Dress website.

Halloween 2011 Costumes to Avoid

Halloween 2011 Costumes to AvoidPlease, please, please …. no Osama Bin Laden costumes for Halloween 2011! We get your trying to be funny (and seriously we can take a joke) but this just isn’t that original or entertaining anymore. Come up with something cool or our friend to the left will pull the “Paws over the eyes” move. No-one likes to see an angry bear, so do us all a favour and keep it cool.

Another gripe that I will surely have on Halloween 2011 night is the size of some costumes. If your going out to a busy bar or club don’t make yourself a full facebook page with your head sticking through the picture slot. It was funny and original 3 years ago but now your stopping me from getting to the bar. Also, when considering your Halloween 2011 outfit a note of caution. It will get really warm in crowded spaces so a full body suit covered in faux fur or your going to know how a Christmas turkey feels after a day in the oven.

Halloween 2011 Accessories – Leave them at home this year

Accessories look great to finish off a Halloween 2011 costume but don’t spend a lot of money on broomsticks or pitch forks if your going out for the night. They’ll get lost or you’ll be refused access to a club if you carry one. Save yourself some money and leave the unnecessary accessories at home. Either that or spend the additional cash on some spider web style fishnet stockings to go with a dress.

Captain America Costume

October 1st, 2011

Captain America CostumeCaptain America Costume

Undoubtably I take will take plenty of criticism for this statement but I thought that the Captain America movie was the weakest superhero movie of the summer. I must also add in that I haven’t seen the Green Lantern yet, which I know received mixed reviews putting it as nicely as I can. Still, the Captain America costume is a whole different story. Cool really doesn’t start to describe the outfit and with the awesome Tony Stark designed shield a perfect Halloween fancy dress selection is upon us.

The Iron Man costume was really the first in this new breed of Marvel Avengers movie series costumes but with the torrent of new releases from the comic book company we have a batch to pick from now. Throw in the Thor costume and Hulk Costume and we have ourselves a pretty little band of Halloween fancy dress superhero costumes to buy. The Captain America movie was a huge success in the States and the Captain America costume will surely be a similar similar.


Avengers Onset Captain America Costume


Captain America Costume

Avengers Onset Captain America CostumeWant to play the take on the role of Steve Rogers just like Chris Evans? ,The captain America costume that we can see on the set of the Avengers movie set looks fantastic. Finding one to match it exactly will take a trip to Amazon (link below) or visiting a cosplay store. Making your own Captain America costume is an option but if your in a rush I wouldn’t advise it. We tried not long ago to make a screen accurate one and I can promise you that it’s much harder than it looks. Trust me, leave this sort of thing to the professionals if you want a brilliant quality final outfit.

The lower quality official Marvel Captain America costume is quite average we think. It’s not like the one seen in the film, more like a comic book version. Buy it at your own risk.

Buy a Captain America Costume Here!Captain America Costume

Portal Costumes

September 30th, 2011

portal costumesPortal Costumes

I must first admit before going any further that I am a useless game player despite playing many through the last few years but this is one game that I can get behind. With a huge worldwide following in the Portal series comes cosplay supporters who make their own portal costumes. From the picture you see to the left you can see that some people really have a talent for producing portal costumes that have the ability to turn heads and gain a round of applause. As with a lot of cosplayers the amount of effort that goes into these outfits frightens me in the best possible way. Bravo to you all.

Portal Costumes

To make your own portal costumes for yourself and your friends we would highly recommend playing the game. I haven’t played it anywhere near as much as I would have liked but that will be changing very soon. I would tell anyone that hasn’t tried it yet to pick up a copy of the first game (pick it up from the link below) and experience something completely original.

Buy Portal Here!

For portal costumes or ideas on how to make one my advice to you is….good luck! I’ve trawled the internet on your behalf (your welcome!) and can’t find any official portal costumes to buy and wear out of the box. The best thing to do would be to contact a cosplay manufacturer or attempt to make one from egg boxes and crazy glue in true Blue Peter fashion (apologies to our visitors from outside of the UK if you don’t get the reference).portal costumes

Check out the original picture source here.

2.8 Hours Later Leeds – Our Review

September 27th, 2011

2.8 hours laterTo anyone that missed out on 2.8 hours later Leeds, shame on you! You missed out on 3 fantastic nights of terror and excitement. This incredibly original game throws participants – gathered into groups of no more than 6 -  into the middle of a zombie apocalyse and the aim of the game is survival. Utilising the idea of “cities as platforms”, 2.8 hours later works by giving its players a story to follow and coordinates to find whilst avoiding the zombie horde that are scattered throughout the city. Can you make it to Resistance HQ with the rest of your team? Who will be the first victim of the horde? Have you got what it takes to survive the 2. 8 Hours Later zombie apocalpyse?

2.8 Hours Later – Terror on the streets

2.8 hours later zombies 22.8 Hours Later was founded by the Slingshot company, and is one of the many games created by Simon Evans and Simon Johnson that has gained critical acclaim. 2.8 Hours Later lasts roughly 2.8 hours, unsurprisingly and creates an atmosphere of blood-freezing scares and rollercoaster highs. Three games are played over the three nights with the total numbers of players over the course of the game hitting up to 1350! That’s a lot of tasty brains for the zombies to feast on.

The 2.8 Hours Later game begins at a secret location somewhere in the city where the players are released in their groups with a grid map and two instructions. 1. Find resistance HQ. 2. Don’t get killed.

Why not view the video below, taken by a 2.8 Hours Later player on Thursday 22nd September as he and his team made their way through the game. It gives you a great feel for the game and its atmosphere but it does contain game spoilers! If you plan to play the game, you may want to avoid this and just enjoy the unwinding of the story.

2.8 Hours Later – Laws of the City

The game does have rules that you cannot avoid and are in place to heighten the enjoyment and protect all its players – be they the 2.8 Hours Later zombies, actors or survivors.

1. Even though the game strives for its own realism, this is not a video game. If you fall over, you will get injured. If you run in front of a bus, the bus is going to win.

2. 2.8 Hours Later is played in a city, such as Leeds. Not everyone in the city is playing the game, nor do most of them know that the game is even taking place. Don’t scare people. Try and take a minute to explain what’s happening to prevent panic or confusion.

3. The police are still the police. The law is still the law. Playing 2.8 Hours Later does not suspend this.

4. Keep an eye out for everyone,  whether they be members of your team, the zombie horde or the 2.8 Hours Later marshall actors. As Bill and Ted said, “Be excellent to each other.”

2.8 hours later zombies

 2.8 Hours Later – What comes after the end of the world?

If you survive the zombie horde and the 2.8 Hours Later apocalypse (or even if you didn’t), what happens at the end of the game? You hit Resistance HQ and go through Quarantine, being scanned for infection. If you’ve been infected, alarms blare and workers in Hazmat suits direct you to the 2.8 Hours Later Zombie Zone. Where lovely ladies make you up as a zombie, if you so desire. After letting the infection take a hold of you, you follow a path and end up at the Zombie disco. Beer, burgers and banging tunes await you, your team and your fellow game players.


What is the End of Days like? A 2.8 hours later Zombie’s review

Yes, I can confess – I was a (not quite) teenage zombie. Oh, alright, I’m in my 20s. However I was a zombie for two nights of the amazing 2.8 Hours Later game, rampaging through the streets of Leeds and want to treat you to a small ancedote from the game, to get you in the mood whilst I spill my guts. (Pardon the awful pun.)

You may find it hard to believe, but all us 2.8 hours later brain-munchers do not always look as gore-ous as we did on those nights. Well, sometimes we do, but it’s never intentional. We congregated at a secret location in Leeds and were threatened with (permenent) death if we spilled our secrets and broke character. After signing our afterlives away, we were trundled through to a room full of smiling ladies who gave us our green scrubs and sat us in chairs. “Poor darling, you’re starting to look a little peaky – is the change starting?” One woman clucked at us, as she smeared gore on our scrubs. Our transformation began.
After being issued with our uniforms and being splattered with blood, we were issued locations along with special 2.8 Hours Later maps and running partners. “Leave no zombie behind!” We were told as we were sent out the doors. We moaned in agreement and ambled away. The first night, I was located in what was called “The Kill Zone” with a group of zombie comrades. “The Kill Zone” is almost exactly what it sounds like; located at Resistance HQ, it’s also filled with the 2.8 Hours Later zombie horde, ready to infect you. We paced and waiting, finding hidden areas to catch our prey and keeping ourselves in top shape with stretches. Eventually the sound of laughing, shaky voices and footsteps filled our hearing, and the hunger came over us. We snarled and moaned, lumbering closer to the group of unsuspecting survivors. My 2.8 hours later running partner, Mike, waited back a few steps in the shadows. Two other zombies hid behind trees and cars.

The group caught sight of us – “oh fuck, there’s more here!” One cried as his friends started to run at me. I let out a banshee scream as they came closer, stoppping them for a second which allowed Mike to run and catch his first brain of the night. The others realised the ploy and flat out SPRINTED towards Resistance HQ, running around cars and poles. We hammered after them, the air filled with the sound of panting breaths, screams, swearing and hammering footsteps. Other fellow zombies appeared from their hiding places and we infected them with our special 2.8 Hours Later Zombie Infection UV Pens. Broken and exhausted, they ran and jogged to the marshalls at HQ’s gate. We, as one, heard more footsteps approaching. Lumbering back into position, swaying in the shadows, we waited for our next meal….

2.8 hours later – Your chance to get the event to your city!

Does this sound like your kettle of fish? Have you always wanted to run from a zombie horde – or maybe you’ve wanted to be a brain-hungry, living dead boy/girl? Why not take part in the next game in London between 27th to 29th October? Or vote for your city to be the next platform! Go check out the official 2.8 Hours Later site here.