2.8 Hours Later Leeds – Our Review

2.8 hours laterTo anyone that missed out on 2.8 hours later Leeds, shame on you! You missed out on 3 fantastic nights of terror and excitement. This incredibly original game throws participants – gathered into groups of no more than 6 -  into the middle of a zombie apocalyse and the aim of the game is survival. Utilising the idea of “cities as platforms”, 2.8 hours later works by giving its players a story to follow and coordinates to find whilst avoiding the zombie horde that are scattered throughout the city. Can you make it to Resistance HQ with the rest of your team? Who will be the first victim of the horde? Have you got what it takes to survive the 2. 8 Hours Later zombie apocalpyse?

2.8 Hours Later – Terror on the streets

2.8 hours later zombies 22.8 Hours Later was founded by the Slingshot company, and is one of the many games created by Simon Evans and Simon Johnson that has gained critical acclaim. 2.8 Hours Later lasts roughly 2.8 hours, unsurprisingly and creates an atmosphere of blood-freezing scares and rollercoaster highs. Three games are played over the three nights with the total numbers of players over the course of the game hitting up to 1350! That’s a lot of tasty brains for the zombies to feast on.

The 2.8 Hours Later game begins at a secret location somewhere in the city where the players are released in their groups with a grid map and two instructions. 1. Find resistance HQ. 2. Don’t get killed.

Why not view the video below, taken by a 2.8 Hours Later player on Thursday 22nd September as he and his team made their way through the game. It gives you a great feel for the game and its atmosphere but it does contain game spoilers! If you plan to play the game, you may want to avoid this and just enjoy the unwinding of the story.

2.8 Hours Later – Laws of the City

The game does have rules that you cannot avoid and are in place to heighten the enjoyment and protect all its players – be they the 2.8 Hours Later zombies, actors or survivors.

1. Even though the game strives for its own realism, this is not a video game. If you fall over, you will get injured. If you run in front of a bus, the bus is going to win.

2. 2.8 Hours Later is played in a city, such as Leeds. Not everyone in the city is playing the game, nor do most of them know that the game is even taking place. Don’t scare people. Try and take a minute to explain what’s happening to prevent panic or confusion.

3. The police are still the police. The law is still the law. Playing 2.8 Hours Later does not suspend this.

4. Keep an eye out for everyone,  whether they be members of your team, the zombie horde or the 2.8 Hours Later marshall actors. As Bill and Ted said, “Be excellent to each other.”

2.8 hours later zombies

 2.8 Hours Later – What comes after the end of the world?

If you survive the zombie horde and the 2.8 Hours Later apocalypse (or even if you didn’t), what happens at the end of the game? You hit Resistance HQ and go through Quarantine, being scanned for infection. If you’ve been infected, alarms blare and workers in Hazmat suits direct you to the 2.8 Hours Later Zombie Zone. Where lovely ladies make you up as a zombie, if you so desire. After letting the infection take a hold of you, you follow a path and end up at the Zombie disco. Beer, burgers and banging tunes await you, your team and your fellow game players.


What is the End of Days like? A 2.8 hours later Zombie’s review

Yes, I can confess – I was a (not quite) teenage zombie. Oh, alright, I’m in my 20s. However I was a zombie for two nights of the amazing 2.8 Hours Later game, rampaging through the streets of Leeds and want to treat you to a small ancedote from the game, to get you in the mood whilst I spill my guts. (Pardon the awful pun.)

You may find it hard to believe, but all us 2.8 hours later brain-munchers do not always look as gore-ous as we did on those nights. Well, sometimes we do, but it’s never intentional. We congregated at a secret location in Leeds and were threatened with (permenent) death if we spilled our secrets and broke character. After signing our afterlives away, we were trundled through to a room full of smiling ladies who gave us our green scrubs and sat us in chairs. “Poor darling, you’re starting to look a little peaky – is the change starting?” One woman clucked at us, as she smeared gore on our scrubs. Our transformation began.
After being issued with our uniforms and being splattered with blood, we were issued locations along with special 2.8 Hours Later maps and running partners. “Leave no zombie behind!” We were told as we were sent out the doors. We moaned in agreement and ambled away. The first night, I was located in what was called “The Kill Zone” with a group of zombie comrades. “The Kill Zone” is almost exactly what it sounds like; located at Resistance HQ, it’s also filled with the 2.8 Hours Later zombie horde, ready to infect you. We paced and waiting, finding hidden areas to catch our prey and keeping ourselves in top shape with stretches. Eventually the sound of laughing, shaky voices and footsteps filled our hearing, and the hunger came over us. We snarled and moaned, lumbering closer to the group of unsuspecting survivors. My 2.8 hours later running partner, Mike, waited back a few steps in the shadows. Two other zombies hid behind trees and cars.

The group caught sight of us – “oh fuck, there’s more here!” One cried as his friends started to run at me. I let out a banshee scream as they came closer, stoppping them for a second which allowed Mike to run and catch his first brain of the night. The others realised the ploy and flat out SPRINTED towards Resistance HQ, running around cars and poles. We hammered after them, the air filled with the sound of panting breaths, screams, swearing and hammering footsteps. Other fellow zombies appeared from their hiding places and we infected them with our special 2.8 Hours Later Zombie Infection UV Pens. Broken and exhausted, they ran and jogged to the marshalls at HQ’s gate. We, as one, heard more footsteps approaching. Lumbering back into position, swaying in the shadows, we waited for our next meal….

2.8 hours later – Your chance to get the event to your city!

Does this sound like your kettle of fish? Have you always wanted to run from a zombie horde – or maybe you’ve wanted to be a brain-hungry, living dead boy/girl? Why not take part in the next game in London between 27th to 29th October? Or vote for your city to be the next platform! Go check out the official 2.8 Hours Later site here.

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