Joker Costume

Has any other outfit become quite as popular as the dark knight joker costume at Halloween? Along with the Jack Sparrow pirate costumes and the major Marvel avengers costumes the joker costume has cemented its place as a top 3 pick for Halloween.

Heath Ledgers performance as the Joker was one of the best in any super hero movie ever made. His performance easily contributed towards the flick becoming one of the highest grossing movies of all time. Sadly he passed away before he was able to collect his well earned Oscar but the joker costume that he wore during the movie has enabled fans to allow the character to live on.

Let us not forget though that the Dark Knight Joker costume was not the first one to be seen on screen. The joker costume has been around for decades starting back in the television series and the first Batman movie in 1966.

Here are a number of the joker costumes to pick from when selecting your Halloween fancy dress.

The Dark Knight Joker Costume

No matter how many times we watch the Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan, we can never get over just how good Heath Ledgers performance was as Batmans arch enemy. Equally, we loved the joker costume, which has become a Halloween mainstay. The brilliant joker costume (pictured) consists of a long purple trench coat, a blue hexagon design shirt, a green waist coat and dark trousers. Pair the outfit with a good make up or face paint job and you have a great Halloween fancy dress costume.

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The Batman Joker Costume

Jack Nicholson kicked us off with the original Tim Burton movie joker costume way back in 1989 and, although the newer Dark Knight version worn by Heath Ledger has taken over in the main, the older version still does the rounds.

Cesar Romero Joker Costume

What can we say about this outfit that hasn’t been said already? Personally, we love it here and still watch the original batman movie on a regular basis. The original Batman costume should be considered for anyone wanting to be slightly more unique as the newer versions are selected more often. This is also the case with the first joker costume to hit the big screen.

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