Zombie Star Trek Costumes

star trek costumesStar Trek Costumes

To boldly go where we all want to go for Halloween means only one thing…zombie star trek costumes. Be it an original uniform from the likes of William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and the brilliant George Takei, a next generation uniform worn by Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard or the modern day Kirk and Spock played by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, we have a colossal selection of star trek costumes to pick from to make a cool zombie costume.

The sci-fi classic has a rich history in both the television and movie sectors and boasts a huge back catalogue of material to draw influence from. With different uniforms for each series the star trek costumes on offer to play with a vast.

How to make Zombie Star Trek Costumes

Making good looking zombie star trek costumes is really easy and looks fantastic for anyone on a budget. You have a few choices, either buy one of the many star trek costumes on the market from somewhere like Amazon or make your own.

If you decide to buy one make sure that it isn’t so expensive that you will mind customising it. Fake blood might stain permanently, so it’s a one shot deal when you create the zombie Halloween fancy dress that you will wear on the night.

To make your own uniform and zombify it will take a little more work but it should turn out to be the cheaper option. Simply buy a long plain red or blue t-shirt and add the federation logo to it using a marker pen or sewing one on. Tear the material in a few places and throw on some fake blood.

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star trek costumes

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  1. Willena Luchterhand Says:

    Live long and prosper people….zombie style!

  2. Alexanda Says:

    I’d prefer Star Wars zombie stuff but the Star Trek uniform would be easy to customise. Cool idea.

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